As a new blogger, it seems appropriate that I should start out with a promotion.  So here are two different notes:

a.  I am sending in a shipment to COMC and need store credit to cover it, but I have Amazon Gift Cards that buy cards on COMC, though not store credit.  So, if you buy one of my Refractors or Jersey Cards, or 3 of my commons I have up on the site, I will buy one of your cards listed on COMC at an asking price of less than $0.75 (may go up for multiple or big purchases) as long as you relist your purchases so I know who you are.  Offer lasts until I cover my shipping cost, which I will update here when I do (UPDATE: Promotion has ended.  I will try to do another one soon.  Thanks!)  My COMC Port is here –

b. In the future, I would like to do giveaways on the site.  If you, readers, can drive traffic to this, I will eventually start doing contests and giveaways.