A Celebration of Football: NFL Prediction 4

Continuing our series, my next prediction for the 2013 NFL Season is:

The Dallas Cowboys will win no more than 5 Games this season, finishing last in the NFC East and possibly claiming a Top-5 Draft Pick Next Year.

Actually, when I looked at Dallas’ roster and schedule, my first thought is that this team could very well go 3-13.  While they have talent at the offensive skill positions, they don’t have the offensive line necessary to let the the RBs and WRs accomplish much.  Their defense outside of DeMarcus Ware is suspect as well.  They also share a division with a talented Giants team, an exciting young Redskins team, and an Eagles team that has the talent to rebound from last years night mare.  Operating under my belief that the Eagles will rebound, while the Chiefs and Chargers will also improve under new leadership, the only truly bad team on Dallas’ schedule is Oakland.  While I think they will some games besides that (I’m looking at San Diego, Washington once, and Minnesota as possibilities), they aren’t good enough to win more than 5 of the games on their schedule and could possibly do worse.


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