In Which I Talk About Football Rookie Products – 7/8/2013

NOTE: Occasionally, or whenever I feel so inspired, I will do a longer post in place of a Card of the Day.  Enjoy!

With all of the 2013 Rookie Products for Football behind us and the main releases on their way out (or, in the case of Prestige and Archives, out already), I wanted to reflect on the Rookie Products and what I like and don’t like about them.  First, I will go ahead and say I like the college uniforms.  I am more of a College Football fan than a NFL fan when it comes to the sport itself.  Nonetheless, I am not a big Upper Deck fan when it comes to Football.  I ripped a few packs of the 2011 product and didn’t care for it, so I haven’t ripped since.  Now, I do enjoy cards like this with the players in College Uniforms (

Nonetheless, when I opened the 2011 product, it seemed like for every card like the one above, there were several like the one below: Cards of players long out of the game in their college uniforms, which doesn’t appeal to me.  (

Because of these cards, I generally avoid Upper Deck, though I may try some of the 2013 product at some point.  That brings me to the products that airbrush the college jerseys.  I will discuss Press Pass and Sage together, because they have the same issues.  I used to love these cards back in the 2000s, when they looked like the Upper Deck cards above.  Since Upper Deck got exclusive rights to NCAA imagery, though, these products have nose-dived in quality.  I do like some of the inserts in these products (The Artist’s renditions are good) as well as the cards with players in, say, their Senior Bowl Jerseys.  For the most part, though, their products look amateurish. ( and respectively)

While I might buy some of the above products at a reasonable price, I generally avoid them.

This brings me to Leaf.  I appreciate the work Leaf does on the Rookie set.  While I can understand why some collectors avoid this product due to the lack of inserts and frequent autos, I appreciate it as a cheapskate who likes the quality of the imagery on the cards.  They just look so much more professional than the cards above do, and I hope to break into some Leaf products soon.  (

Finally, though, this brings me to a product that excites me more than any Football product has in a while, and that  would be 2013 Bowman.  First, the imagery quality is similar to the Leaf, yet Bowman contains all the parallels, inserts, and autos that Leaf lacks.  I really love the Bowman minis, and the colored parallels are an excellent addition.  This is a product I really hope to break into in the near future. ( and

So in conclusion, I love the Upper Deck imagery, but I strongly dislike the emphasis on old-timer players.  Sage and Press Pass look trashy, in my opinion, for the most part, though I may yet break into some cheap Sage.  I appreciate the look of the Leaf product and the price, and I hope to acquire some of it in the near future.  The Bowman, though, truly excites me, and I hope that Topps continues producing it for a long time.


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